Bounties & Fortunes

Captain's Log 8

A Quick Entry

Captain’s Log 8

The Kraken passed, and some of the crew made fascinating discoveries in the meanwhile. I, myself, discovered that Atinka is the godmother of Taz Dango. Unrelated, I’ve obtained some new reading material.

Speaking of things that may have been dangerous to pass closely to, I got a rather jarring awakening from none other than Lizardo Garzala, who intended to go after Lucy himself. I managed to talk him down, and he will wait three days after we arrive in Brickport. The rush on the timing concerns me, but I’ll take what I can get.

Now, we head North. Raleigh has been having some troubles with her weapon that was gifted to her by Croquillo. I’ve done all I can, for now. I’ve told Feregh to come to me if I am able to help.



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