Scout onboard the Madame Fortune



Tocca is a young aarakocra currently employed as crew on the madame fortune. She has excellent vision and perception skills that she uses as a scout aboard the ship.

Background and History

Tocca was born 14 years ago in her small communal village on an unnamed island off the coast of the Sapphire Isles with her family. The tribe was isolated, but unbothered by mainland interference due to a conservation treaty signed between the village chief and the ruling government of the mainland city.

When Tocca was 11, a group of slavers raided the village at night, capturing or killing almost all of the villagers in the process. The village was completely destroyed. Tocca was one of the captured and was taken to an unfamiliar port city she knows only as “The Big Ship Place” to be sold into servitude by two individuals known as The Cleaver and The Spit.

For two years, Tocca was the slave on a supposed trading ship captained by a man named Blackfork, where she was leashed to the mast and made to work cleaning, maintenance, and sailing the ship all hours of the night. Her master, Blackfork, was intentionally cruel, taunting her with the ability to fly far enough that she got the taste of it, but never the satisfaction. She, in turn, relished giving the captain as hard of a time as she could.

She was the sole aarakocra to be in service on the ship, but she did encounter others being loaded on and off the cargo bay at other ports, some of them familiar to her while others were likely from other islands.

After an escape attempt, she was punished harshly by being chained at the ankle and neck and placed in a large birdcage when she was not working where other members of the crew were permitted to taunt her through the bars.

The circumstances of her escape are not completely clear to Tocca herself, but during a fierce storm one night, she was made to pilot the ship under close supervision of the Blackfork. Through the storm, a massive, chimera-like creature appeared from nowhere and shattered the mast she was tethered to. As soon as it appeared, it disappeared, allowing Tocca to escape in the ensuing confusion.

Joining the Crew of The Madame Fortune

Tocca made land after her escape just east of Port Bounty. After recently escaping slavery with no money or possessions to her name, she kept alive by stealing minor foodstuffs or finding shiny loose change on the ground.

She met Captain Lian Greylight by chance after a morning of pursuing some food that had not gone as planned. He offered her the simple contract of “fruit and coin” which she couldn’t refuse.


Due to her young age, Tocca gives off the air of being naive, though she has more experience under her belt than others of her age. In her adolescence, she has been growing in her own morals by being with the Madame Fortune’s crew. At times, she shows surprising wisdom and wit.

Tocca has an independent streak, often making decisions without consulting others first, coming from her long history of being commanded to do things. She tends to have her mind made up on most matters without discussion from being an observer. She waits for the best opportunity to strike.

She has a general dislike for violence and killing, even if the individual probably deserves it by society’s standards. Exceptions are made when her loved ones are in danger.

Her background as a village alchemist and shaman in training gives her a willingness to help others or give small gifts from time to time. She enjoys collecting “trash” and creating something of value out of it.


Tocca is 4’ 5" and bipedal. She is light, weighing only 85 lbs. Her hands are similar to bird talons, each having three fingers ending in claws. Her appearance is that of a toco toucan, a variation on common aarakocra due to the tropical climate of the region. She has a very large beak that sometimes gets in the way.

Tocca does not need to wear clothing, but chooses to wear skirts and belts for the convenience of carrying satchels at her waist, as well as a ragged, burlap scarf around her neck. Recently, she wears a much fancier skirt, given to her by Audriel.


Tocca’s family members are currently either in slavery or like her mentor, were killed in the attack on her village. She believes that her brother and childhood companion may have survived, but their whereabouts are unknown.

Captain Lian Greylight

Tocca is very grateful to Lian for providing her lodging, work, and freedom aboard his ship. She views him as a mentor-figure. He is one of the few people she feels comfortable enough to take orders from or listen to when advice is given.


Athven and Tocca share a bond as individuals who have escaped difficult pasts. Tocca trusts Athven very much. They have each other’s back.


Though the two come from very different backgrounds, Tocca has struck up a friendship with the usually serious half-orc. Lighthearted and friendly, Tocca enjoys giving Feregh small, medicinal gifts to help with her seasickness or engaging in healthy competition.

Audriel and Cornelius

As the individuals closest in age to herself, Tocca enjoys spending time with the children, telling stories and playing games. She is especially protective of the two of them, as they remind her of her own family.


Tocca puts up with his long-winded stories because they share the same crow’s nest. She often cracks jokes at his expense with the rest of the crew or replies to him with heavily-veiled sarcasm. She mistrusts him for giving her some pretty strong hellbulb.


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