Tag: Player Character


  • Lian Greylight

    * Raised in a Merchant family (Greylight Mercantile) * Tutored privately throughout his childhood by a variety of teachers. * Trained as First Mate on a ship in his father's fleet to learn the trade * Led a mutiny against the captain, Shale, who had …

  • Tocca

    h1. *Tocca* *Tocca* is a young aarakocra currently employed as crew on the madame fortune. She has excellent vision and perception skills that she uses as a scout aboard the ship. h2. *Background and History* Tocca was born 14 years ago in her …

  • Feregh

    * grew up in an orcish settlement in Varin * bears the mark of Halla on the bridge of her nose, recently bestowed * fights with her warhammmer, shield, and divine magic