Mistfog Isles

The Mistfog Isles are a chain of small islands that are consistently covered in a layer of fog. The geography includes high cliffs and stone spires that jut from the sea. The vegetation is tropical. Higher points of the isles are covered with unique flora only found in the Isles.

Culture and Inhabitants

The Isles are the home and domain of the indigo dragon Croqillo who protects the sovereignty of the islands and their inhabitants. The islands have a form of government run by a council on the island of Olaar.

The population of the Isles is diverse, but the dominant racial group appears to be kobolds.

Ruins from an unknown civilization exist on the island and many appear to have been repurposed for modern use.


After completing the dragon’s trial, the crew of The Madame Fortune successfully requested protection from Croquillo for the port of Lark’s Folly against the regional political unrest, establishing diplomatic ties.

Mistfog Isles

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