Bounties & Fortunes


Too Many Loose Threads


The journey from Croquillo’s island back to Lark’s Folly takes several days, so I have been able to get my bearings. Time to think hasn’t always been kind to me, but I suppose many of the things I have been considering are varying levels of importance.

After the trials, I was left with many questions. Perhaps more than I realize, even now. I must admit, that reliving the mutiny has taken its toll on my morale. It will take time to shake the thoughts from my. mind.

Hazel’s memory involved saving Francis. I spoke to her about it, and she was… genuine, sweet, but insisted that I speak to him. I told her that he was like a brother to me, and… she seemed to think there was something that he wasn’t telling me.

I finally spoke to him, but got.. very little by way of explanation. He did admit to me, on another subject entirely, that a good number of the crew thinks that Athven and I are… together. Romantically.

If I begin speaking about that, it’s going to be paragraphs. Perhaps I should, but I don’t have the patience for it, now. Needless to say, we are not. I’m not sure what to think of the crew’s observations. I’m going to need to really… think about it.

For now, I will have some tea. The galley should be empty, and maybe I’ll be able to get some thinking done.



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