Bounties & Fortunes


There's More Talking To Do


I’ve spent the time coming up to Lark’s folly hoping to gain some clarity in the variety of confusing situations I’ve seemed to land in. I’m working toward the solutions, but certainly not there yet. In fact, I’m not even sure where to start…

I spoke with Fart, who encouraged me to speak to Francis again. I haven’t spoken to Francis yet, but speaking with Fart still helped immensely. He has been a true friend to me through the years, and his advice is… often spot on, which still astounds me, given the lackadaisical way he lives his life.

We both lived that way, actually. It is shamefully recent that my responsibilities began to weigh me down. I am hoping to strike a balance where I might be as carefree as I once was, even in the face of all the cares that I do have.

I also spoke with Athven. He has not been sleeping in my cabin without Audrielle, which I suppose makes sense. He began to do so in an effort to keep her safe, believing she would be safer with me. In truth, that is an immense honor. I know how much she means to him, so being trusted with her care now and again is something I will not take for granted.

I’m fond of Audrey, though I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before. It will be nice to have her back.

Ah, but I digress. I let him know that the crew was making assumptions, seeing as we make many decisions together, care for Audrey together, and are often in proximity to one another. He insisted that I was the Captain…

Is it wrong for me to feel disappointment when he says that? I suppose it is.

I’m certain of very few things, lately. If anything, perhaps it’s a sign of growing. Is a man who is sure of everything a fool?

I’d like a happy medium, personally.



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