Bounties & Fortunes

Captain's Log 6

More of the usual


I didn’t have time to write this log after I woke yesterday due to being preoccupied, or before I slept yesterday, given that I had come off of a twenty four hour shift. It was for good reason, however. Raleigh came down with a fever, and I took her position at the helm. It was good to be back, helped clear my mind. Even if I was a bit hungover.

Perhaps in the future, I’ll take over in between shift change. Even if it’s two or four hours, that’s two or four hours that Garlic and Raleigh wouldn’t have to work. Twelve hour shifts may give time for four hours of free time, but I feel that’s a bit sparse. It wouldn’t hurt to give them a few more.

Perhaps a few more crew members. I plan to keep my eye out for a good second cook. Even with my occasional meddling, Sam is still overworked.

Things are at a sort of resolve with Francis. At the very least, he spoke to me. Said that he felt I was distancing myself. I just told him that… I’ve had a lot to concentrate on. I’m trying my best.

I still trust him to do what’s right for the crew. He’s one of my longest and oldest friends.

Raleigh seems to be better. I’m sure the physical stress combined with obvious emotional factors caught up to her. Still, I worry when people are ill.

Feregh had it covered, though, it seemed.

Tocca, for some reason, has begun wearing clothes. If she’s happy, I’m… glad?

Oh, the ghost. I suppose I haven’t said anything about it. Forester returned to Athven in a dream. Or perhaps in life, we haven’t quite figured that out yet. The first time, he disappeared. That was the night I was drunk. We assembled a few crew members to try and figure out what might have happened, but came up empty.

We did, however, find that my mother’s necklace had some sort of enchantment on it. I’m… intrigued, at least. I never thought it was anything but a beautiful necklace.

The second night, while I was manning the helm, Athven came to me and recounted having seen Forester again. It seems there is something tying him to this world, something Athven found out after being able to communicate with him. It’s… concerning, but we will solve it.

I am not sure what else to say. It hasn’t been the best of weeks.

Audrey read me a story as I went to sleep this morning. It was very sweet. She’s also been informed that she’s Captain, and has ordered more tea, and time for books and naps. I like her plan.



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